If you’re a fan of poker, you probably take years playing without plantearte what their origin .

Although the card game is now very popular day in Spain it is common for some years. Moreover, play a few decades ago it was completely illegal , so who dared always ran some risk. Origin of the word poker

Reply what is the origin of the word poker is no easy task. For starters there are several possible options , and also at various points in time.

If you asked a Spanish, I would say that poker is the “first” , a very common game in Spain during the sixteenth century.

The French, however, explain that their origins are in the poque , a card game in which lanterns are made.

Although the response of the Gallic country was probably the most successful, the Hindu word “pukka” or German “pochen” , seems to have also had their share of influence.

And then came the game

You know that the origin of the word poker is not very clear, and we regret to say that the game is not either.

Although the theory that we will have then seems pretty accurate, the fact is that no version is 100% secure .

Everything indicates that the origin of poker is a set of influences: the Persian game As Nas , German pochen , the French poque … Say poker went erasmus and allowed influenced by all cultures.

But early evidence suggests that it all started in China in 869 . However, the Asian game is not played with cards but with pieces very similar to Domino.

The made ​​in China , the following data transport us back in time to the theory of poque. This marks its origins 200 years ago and is, in our view , which can more closer to reality.

The theory is that the French settlers exported the game “poque” to the fascinating New Orleans, and then the game was expanding by land and sea. Boaters Mississippi boats were big fans of the game, so that it became the quintessential trap game.

In 1834, Jonathan H. Green, published the first book in which they showed what their rules . Green described the poker as a game of deceit, and boaters Mississippi boats came to invent all sorts of tricks in order to win their opponents.

In addition, the rules described by Green, indicated that he had to play with 20 cards, and the maximum number of players was 4.