If you thought the Chinese poker was the latest craze in poker, you’re wrong. There is a new change in the online gaming, discover the new way to play poker. New concept of poker: betting on different hands

The option of betting on poker hands , along with virtual sports , one of the latest developments in the gaming world. Although not many operators that offer this type of bet, the method continues to gain followers.

The rules and the value of the plays are the same as in any game average, but the game does not develop in the same way. Do not confuse bet with bet poker hands in a game of poker. Here all hands play and are not raising the stakes, but there are fees like a sporting event concerned. In this method discovered form letters are displayed and you, with your knowledge of the game and comparing different hands must decide which language or bet.

Say you’re a spectator views once all cards dealt decide which combination you think the winner.

The games are played live with a system of webcam, so you can see how the croupier takes out the cards and also decide whether or not you want to vary your bet while the game is played.

How to play: practical example

Betting on poker hands is really simple. However, the more knowledge you possess, the more chances of winning. The luck factor will also play their role , but if you do not know what your options will be difficult to win.

Follow the steps show below:

1. Select the hand you think winning and why you want to bet. The game begins when the croupier deals the letter. As you can see in the picture, in this game there are six different “players.”

2. Indicate the amount you want to invest in your (s) hand (s). Each hand has a certain fee that depends on the probabilities that exist to win that hand. As happens at a sporting event, the odds change as the game develops, and in particular whenever there is more visible cards on the table and we’ll have more chances to hit our bet.

If you look at the first image preflop share for the staircase (straight) was 5.15 and flop (picture below), the same play has a quota of 2.38. This variation is due to the revealed cards on the flop. With a 9 and 10 in the table form ladder options they are much greater, and therefore the share falls.

As in a regular game, after the turn and river reaches the end. In this case, the winning hand has been K9 , since the two hands of the common nine formed a trio 999.


As we just show the example, betting on poker hands does not have much complication, and also has a number of added advantages.

Quick Match : Typically lasting three to four minutes. Nobody talks and many users can place their bets at a time, so the letters are displayed in seconds.
Easy availability: to play a poker game – whether online or offline-, always a rival against which play is needed, but this is not necessary. Every five minutes, 24 hours a day, every day of the week, you have a new game available.
Comfort: in addition to bet from the living room, its flagship mobile operator also has application, so you can bet from wherever suits you.