If You win a game, you’re the best?

Probably, as most do, if you play poker you think you’re good. As always, everything depends on who you compare yourself.

You may be the best player in your home or even your group of friends. At the end of the day, to win a game you need not be the perfect poker player, it is enough to you to be the best of the table.

In the words of one of the best poker juegadores Spain That win once, does not mean you’re going to always win.

The best poker players in history both traditional and online poker tables are mostly Americans and northern Europe. This fact is not surprising if we consider that in Spain this game has not been as well known or popular until a few years ago.

We know that there are hundreds of good poker players. Yes, you among them. We have made a small selection of the best taking into account their trajectories.

Stu Ungar

Stu Ungar
It is not the first time that Kelbet talk about this poker player New Yorker, is that as far as poker terms refers, Stu Ungar is a clear reference.

From childhood, “The child” pointed ways. With only 15 years won $10,000 in a big tournament in New York.

Many years would pass until the whopping amount of $ 100,000 will pocket 10 -in a game against Bob Stupak 1- millionaire.

With three wins in the WSOP, Stu Ungar was always a great player, so that backfired. It was impossible to win, not because it would have worsened his play, but because in most cases no one wanted to face him. Fear spread so that some casinos came to prohibit entry for life.

The bad life he was leading the player made ​​passed away in November 1988 in Las Vegas.

Doyle Brunson

this player from  American state of Texas is considered, along Amarillo Slim, one of the fathers of modern poker. When poker was still forbidden and was considered a game of hoodlums, Brunson and Slim formed a partnership to travel and to play together in different places.

With countless awards and money behind them, the American has always led the gallantry and good behavior in this world of letters.

Always with his hat and a smile on his face, hope still give us much to talk about.

Anecdote : Doyle Brunson was about to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers, but a knee injury prevented him and led him to pursue poker full time.

If you want to see Brunson in action, you leave a two-minute video in winning his tenth bracelet in the WSOP.

Amarillo Slim

Thomas Austin Preston is Amarillo Slim, named for two reasons: his figure and people of that era.

This American player Arkansas, snooker fan, met the poker while he was enlisted in the army.

He became a regular in the games of clandestine poker, and it was in one of those where he met Doyle Brunson. It is worth mentioning that poker timbas these two teachers were not always as fun they expected. On more than one occasion they were arrested, and some even berthed at gunpoint.

With four bracelets, she became an ambassador of poker in the United States, even to go on television in prime time.

The only bet that Slim was lost in April 2012. A true legend.

“Look around at your table, if you do not know who is the prime, then you’re the primo

Vanessa Selbst

Vanessa Selbst
This New Yorker, considered the best poker player in the world, rose to fame in 2006 when he was only 22 years.

Degree in Political Science from the prestigious MIT and Yale Law, currently working in a school for online poker players. It has 3 WSOP bracelets and in 2010 joined the Team PokerStars Pro.

If the object is to make money, Vanessa takes the cake: it is the poker player with more profit more than 5 million dollars.

No doubt that the player will remain Brooklyn win many awards as it continues to analyze your own game and explore ways of how to improve it.

Anecdote : Vanessa Selbst lived one season in Spain. Enjoys tennis, his favorite sport is Rafa Nadal, who faced with last April at the Casino of Monte Carlo.

Raul Mestre

Despite not being among the best poker players in history, Raul Mestre can boast of being one of the best poker players in Spain, if not the most. This Valencian is the first and current world champion IFJ.

Raul Mestre, can boast of being the player of Spanish poker longest playing at the highest levels both in traditional form tables as online.

Although it is no small distance that separates him from other players mentioned above, Raul has an impeccable reputation in Spain. This is because, among other reasons, besides teaching students to play, also writes about the game. If we consider that in Spain we can not claim to be some advanced English, and English is the official language of poker, the fact that an expert like him to write his books in Castilian makes its success is assured.