Noble Poker is the leading member of the “iPoker Network” initiated by Playtech, the leading online casino company. While traffic is still somewhat moderate players, it has a number of casino players relaxed and good promotions to be seized.

Noble Poker software is more colorful and in some ways more crowded than most other sites. Some players may consider it a welcome change of pace, others will find it distracting. Overall, Nobel is fast, easy to use and stable, after some improvements made to the version that debuted Noble. Players have several options of sound and music that players can use to adapt to your liking gaming experience.

Noble Poker currently offers only Texas Hold’em and Omaha (high and Eight or Better). The limits range from $ .50 to 1 fixed limit to $ 20- $ 40 fixed limit games and as high as $ 5- $ 10 no limit offered. While games tend to be very good, traffic is still a little lower than elsewhere larger. In the hours of more action, between 1,000 and 1,300 ring players are active. This is still a relatively new site and traffic should continue to grow.

Noble Poker has a variety of single table tournaments and multi-table tournaments. Many tournaments have low buy chips which is a great opportunity for players to hone their skills tournament without having to invest a lot of money. Noble Poker also has a series of guaranteed tournaments that offer good value to its customers, in addition to Holdem.

Noble Poker is linked to online casinos Playtech and offers a number of good bonuses and promotions. They have a players club where you can win “crowns” by playing in tournaments or raked hands. Crowns can be exchanged for entry to freeroll tournaments and also for special bonus offers. The bonuses are generous, but they can be difficult to liquidate, because the game requirements are very high. Noble Poker is also offering a $ 500,000 freeroll with a chance to win $ 100 million, if it can make a royal flush of spades in a certain time. Although this is possibly less likely to win the lottery, players who enjoy the exciting chance to win a grand prize should enjoy this opportunity, and all this amid a freeroll of $ 500,000 guarantee, so this is a good attraction .