Modern casinos online games in addition to the usual machines, offer their loyal customers another chance to win an additional, sometimes very significant in monetary terms. This is – a game of lottery. Modern lottery has long been put online, and many gamblers happy with them.

Loyalty lottery
In most cases, to participate in this lottery did not even need to buy a ticket. The condition for receiving it are diverse, pre-defined actions of players, for example, each spent a rate of 1000 rubles becomes guarantee of a lottery ticket. And you can see for yourself when you get the next lottery ticket. Himself a ticket is issued at random, using a random number generator. The draw is as follows: randomly selected 6 numbers. If they coincide with the numbers indicated on your ticket, then you win. Very simple. But it is not so easy to win in this scenario.

Daily lottery
This lottery, which resembles a conventional classical lottery. The player takes on some tickets with numbers. Then draw takes place by selecting 6 numbers from all possible. If the combination of the numbers on your ticket coincides with a winning combination, you get the grand prize.

lottery prize
Often a lottery – it is a way for the casino svyu express gratitude and appreciation to loyal customers. In these lotteries there is more than one award, and more. As a general rule, to win enough to guess at least 3 numbers of the combination. So, good luck the chances are very high.

Lottery tickets online casinos are usually not free. They can cost anywhere from 10 to 1,000 rubles. Bonuses can only be obtained in the event that the casino celebrates a holiday: the opening, birthday or New Year.

Lotteries requiring guessing all 6 winning numbers, characterized by the fact that the winning percentage is very low. In this case, the prize money is not going away and goes to the next round of the game, gradually increasing with each round. In other words, it is – a lottery with a prize for the jackpot system. This means that in a moment is a chance to get a huge cash prize.