Nowadays, there are thousands upon thousands of online casino gaming sites from which you can choose. In fact, with their sheer number, it can actually become more difficult for a beginner to make a decision on which one to select. But a majority of these casino gaming sites are operating completely above-board (due to strict legal regulations, for one). So now, the big question is: how do you choose the best online casino site for your needs? What are the factors you need to consider? Here’s your all-important guide.


Security is a big concern, especially now that Internet security breaches are all too common. So if you are looking for the right online casino site, you need to determine first and foremost whether the site is completely secure. One of the most basic things you can do when visiting a site, for example, is to check whether the site begins with an ‘http://’ or an ‘https://’. A site which begins with an ‘https://’ will be encrypted with a special SSL certificate, which means that it is more secure than a site with a mere ‘http://’. One other thing you can look for is a padlock (unbroken, of course) displayed in a corner or any prominent area of the webpage.

Licensing and regulation

As previously mentioned, a lot of these online casino gaming sites today are regulated by the proper regulatory bureau or commission. But it definitely doesn’t hurt to check, does it? Our recommendation would be to find out about the various governing bodies that are responsible for casino gaming sites, and check whether the site in which you are interested in is fully licensed as well as regulated.

Secure methods of payment

Even if you decide to play online casino games for free (and you can indeed do this!), you should still check whether or not the site has secure methods of payment. The transactions authorised by the site should go through a trusted and reputable payment provider, such as Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal. Make sure the payment platform is recognised internationally – if it isn’t, you may want to think twice.

A great game selection

Granted, most online casino sites offer plenty of games – enough to leave your head spinning, in fact. Many of the slots on offer are based around films, video games and similar things in the public eye. Batman slots, Hulk, and the Book of Ra are common choices amongst many players – but be sure to hunt around for a slot that you get most enjoyment from. But aside from making sure that the site has a great game selection, you also have to make sure that they use only the most reliable and advanced software. On most sites, you have two options: you can either play a browser-based game, or you can download a game. If you choose to download a casino game, make sure of the site’s security first so you don’t accidentally download a virus as well!