Everest Poker is probably the poker room polyglot Internet. Your software is not only attractive and easy to use, it also works in all major languages. As a relatively new site has little traffic, but has excellent potential for development.

The software and images of Everest Poker have very high quality. They are very functional and pleasing to the eye. The software provides a good statistical function as well as an option to rotate the table so that the player can sit where you want. Lobby has a well-designed in many different languages. Players can play up to four months at a time.

The only game featuring Everest Poker is Texas Hold’em, which is presented in the categories of fixed limit and no limit. They planned include Omaha and Stud tables when demand rises sufficiently. some high limit games, where most of the action takes place at the tables lower limit, no limit and fixed limit can be found. The lack of higher limit games keeps the competition at levels reasonably soft at Everest Poker and most games are very competitive. Most are not only relaxed but also quite passive. The committee is slightly better than the industry norm, which is an important issue for small stakes players factor. In the hours of more action, there may be about 700 active players.

Verest several tournaments Poker offers daily freeroll and small bets. These tournaments are a good opportunity for players to start in the poker tournament. For the modest sum of $ 1, players can play tournaments that attract hundreds of people. We also have a number of side to the World Series of Poker events Poker World Tournament that run regularly for those who wish to have a chance to win a grand prix events. They have a unique option of a single table tournament where you can play freerolls, Sit & Go single table and cash prizes. Tokens that can be redeemed to enter freerolls if these events are won accumulate. This is a good opportunity for players who are learning to play poker to win something for nothing, but it will take a long time to accumulate points.
Everest Poker runs a series of freeroll tournaments, but other than that, their promotions are not convinced. Registration bonds are difficult to liquidate, and there are few refills or bonuses for playing. Those who enjoy having the chance to win something without risks, will appreciate these free opportunities, but players betting the high middle considered a waste of time. Although the only support available is by email, it has earned good reviews and is available in several languages.