Have you ever experienced that frustrating situation when football accumulator has lost or defeated by one result in? For the benefit of those who do not know what an accumulator bet is, let’s discuss it a bit. This is one of the most popular wagers that work by linking at least two separate or individual wagers. It is also independent on all of those bets winning together.

Now going back, what accumulator tips can you make use of if you’re a newbie? But before that, know that football accumulator is one of the most frustrating bets that will surely disappoint if you lose. To help you make the most out of one, check out the following section.

Top Football Accumulator Tips

  1. Avoid selecting teams by considering only their odds. While it can be extremely hard not to look at the odds when making a selection, it may just sway thinking away because you will be considering that the bigger the odds the more you will possibly win.
  2. Remove the very low odds matches. A match with low odds does not make sense because it won’t increase any winning by much. And because upsets regularly happen, you could be losing out because you’ll want an additional quid.
  3. Do not add many teams because doing so decreases your chances of winning. It is a very simple concept to follow.
  4. You should add draws to your accumulator. Do not minus the fact that some games can end in a draw and not every game ends with a losing or winning team.
  5. Do not include the team that you are supporting. You should keep emotions out the picture when making a selection, and by that means, you should not add your favorite team.
  6. Choose and use a bookie with better odds. You can end up with pretty decent huge figures once you have started multiplying the odds. Thus, you should pick a good bookie offering the best odds so that you can have the chance of winning a higher amount of money if you win.
  7. Play only with a bookmaker that offers good accumulator bonuses. Pick one that does not only offer the best odds but also great bonuses for losing or winning bets. They can help in increasing your winnings by up to or more than 5% and they can also work their way to help you increase your winnings by up to 100% on selections of at least 14.
  8. Avoid picking a middle of the day kick off because it will ruin your entire afternoon if your mid-day selection loses.
  9. Do your homework. Every wise bettor does. Research is very important in selecting the winners. Before betting, you should know who will be dropped and who is injured. Also, check on the weather, which may also affect a team, as well as the location, which also affects some teams’ performance when playing at a certain ground.
  10. Do not play at a local derby.

Above are the most effective football accumulator tips to follow if you want to maximize your chances of winning.

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