When you’re learning a language it is advisable to watch movies in that language, right? With poker happen the same.

If you’re starting to become interested in this world, it is important to know in what tournaments involved the great players pro and what are the best.

Most are retransmitted by any means, so from PokerAction we encourage you to be aware of the different events.

World Series of Poker

Originating in the city of Reno (United States) for more than four decades, the WSOP or World Series is arguably the tournament ‘s most prestigious and known the world.

This tournament, which has a total of 55 tournaments or different events, is held as no surprise in Las Vegas, casino city par excellence. Of its 55 events, the Main Event or Main Event is the most valuable. The winner of the Main Event is usually regarded as the best poker player in the world.

No wonder the world poker tournament in Las Vegas is considered the best in the world. Only the best are able to cope with more than 8,000 players in a period of one week and paying for it a registration fee of $ 10000.

WOSP Europe

You no longer need to cross the pond! WSOP organizers organized since 2007 this extension tournament in Europe. Scenarios like London or Cannes have already witnessed this championship. The organization has decided to hold the tournament every two years, so the next will be in 2015.

World Poker Tour

Originating in the United States in 2002 , the WPT is the WSOP, the best tournament in the world. The WPT is celebrated with various international tournaments where the best and participate more professional players in the world.

In 2004, the WPT created the Walk of Fame or walk of fame, with the aim of honoring the best poker players in the world and those who have supported their dissemination. Players like Doyle Brunson and Gus Hasen already part of it.

European Poker Tour

We’re not sure if the EPT PokerStars is the best tournament or not, but certainly among the best. We could define the EPT as a series of large organized tournaments and broadcast throughout Europe since 2004. The EPT conducts annual stops in major European cities such as Barcelona, ​​London, San Remo or Monte Carlo.

PokerStars Caribbean Adventure

Playing poker is something that obviously can be done in all these tournaments in this list, but not all of them are held in Bahamas.

If you want to go to the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, sure there is someone who is willing to go with you. The tournament has distributed since 2004 more than 100 million. But do not worry if you do not win, there are millions of things to do in the Caribbean.

If more than 1000 players, 10 million dollars in prize money in the last edition and a heavenly environment do not convince you, neither can we.

Asia Pacific Poker Tour

The APPT is the biggest poker tournament circuit held in Asia and the eastern Pacific. From the famous Macao to Melbourne, to Manila in the Philippines, there are many places that have witnessed these tournaments.

It is not the Caribbean, but the coast of Australia us does not seem a bad plan. One of the most famous festivals of the circuit is the Aussie Millions. Held at the Crown Casino in Melbourne, we are sure that if you go not disappoint. Most tournaments on the circuit last 3 to 5 days.