Inexperience, the number of chips, fear and even insecurity in ourselves, sometimes we do not play a good game of poker.

The first two cards you receive are what make you decide whether or not to bet and how much do it. However, do you think you always make the right decisions?

On many occasions, especially novices, they tend to underestimate their cards preflop and withdraw almost before it began. In the same way that two aces you will not always win a pair of fives will not lose all your games.

To help in those moments of doubt, we have made ​​a selection of hands of poker undervalued , so maybe next time you’ll think twice before retiring.

Pair of fives

Obviously a couple of this kind does not give the same security as one of aces, but its value should not subestirmarse excessively.

Imagine the following scenario:

Player 1 receives two aces in the first hand.
Player 2 receives two fives on the first hand.
Player 2 decides to bet and 1 without hesitation accepts the preflop. The flop is shown and two fives and a king on the table appear. Betting continues as the two players are convinced of their chances. At the end of all betting rounds the Score By 2 Wins fives with poker.

True, it is a very favorable situation for juegador 2, but may be this or another similar, and if you do not believe look what happened to Negreanu in one of their games.

J9 same color

Within the probability tables J9 often placed as a regular hand pulling bad, but why?

If you have a hand preflop J9, our advice is to definitely see the flop. With J9 you have the option to couple, color and staircase.

Eric Seidel also believe that underestimating this hand, Attentive to the face that you get when Johny Chan wins the final of the WSOP!


If you get 98 of the same color as the initial hand, you should know that you have more chances to win than someone with AQ or A5.

In addition, 98 hand you can choose to earn high card or a couple, and even make stairs as does Matt Damon at the end of Rounders. You never know when luck may be on your side so, why not try?

In the following video you can see the scene we’re talking about you, an example certainly strategy to follow. The star already has the flopped straight, but still happens during all betting rounds making your opponent think you do not have a good play. The game ends with all in and of course with Damon as the winner.

75 same color

If Bond defeats Le Chiffre in Casino Royale, you can too. 007 shows us once again that we must not underestimate the value of our letters.

With a face unbeatable poker , since no one can know what you’re thinking, the agent Bond wins in a single match whopping 100 million dollars.

Yes, it is true that it is a movie, so this is our advice: if the big blind of the game is one million dollars, think twice before raising.